Training of Nepali Park Protection Personnel on use of Conservation Drones to stop wildlife crime

September 2012 – Training of personnel from Bardia and Chitwan National Parks, National Trust for Nature Conservation, WWF Nepal and Nepali Army on the operation of Conservation Drones for anti poaching efforts. Photos by Juanita Choo.

September 2012 – Classroom teaching of drone mission planning by co-founder, Lian Pin Koh, and WWF-Nepal senior staff Gokarna Thapa and Madhav Khadka. Photos by Juanita Choo.

Demonstration of hand launching Conservation Drones by WWF senior staff, Gokarna Thapa. Photos by Juanita Choo.

Chitwan National Park trainees. Photos by Juanita Choo.

Bardia National Park trainees. Photos by Juanita Choo.