Looking for drone footage from African mammals for machine learning

It has been quiet here but we have not been stopping our drone work. In collaboration with Carl Chalmers, Paul Fergus, and Steve Longmore we have been working on a site to start training machine learning models for drone and camera trap data. For this site we are looking for stills or videos taken from RGB or thermal camera from mammals in Africa. Particularly rhinos, lions, wildebeest, kudu, eland, elephants, zebra, giraffes, hippos, but also other species. If you have some that you are willing to share so we can use that to train our machine learning models with that would be great. We will host the trained models on http://conservationai.co.uk/ so people can use the models for their own data. A few first test models are on the website already and here’s a paper in which we provide some more details on the setup with drones. Please get in touch through conservationdrones@gmai.com or sergewich@gmail.com