6th Graders collaborate with ConservationDrones.org

logoThis is somewhat of an unusual post for us.

Maintaining ConservationDrones.org is a very time-consuming and exhausting task for the four of us who are taking time off our ‘real’ day jobs to do it. We sometimes wonder if we should keep going or not.

Last week we heard about a 6th Grade class from Francis Scott Key school in Philadelphia that did a fantastic job of raising money to support the conservation of Sumatran tigers. They decide to donate the money to ConservationDrones.org to fund a drone that will be used to collect data to monitor tiger populations and practices of companies threatening their habitats.

It is news like this that inspires us and keeps us going!

Read about the efforts of these wonderful 6th graders at: StopPALMINGaround.blogspot.com.

“We are 6th grade students from Francis Scott Key school in Philadelphia, PA and we are participating in a project for the Philadelphia Zoo called the Unless Project. Sumatran Tigers are from Malaysia and there are only 400 remaining because  palm oil farming is taking away the forests they live in!  Palm oil is in lots of things like ice cream, soaps, cookies, and cereals.  The main company we are targeting is Kellogg’s because they are already taking steps to use RSPO palm oil that doesn’t destroy as much of the forests-it just is NOT enough!  There are lots of names for palm oil-in fact over 170 different names can be found on the ingredients of our favorite products! For example, palmitate, stearic, palm kernel and many more.  We are students who are going to take a stand.  We are students who are going to make a difference.  We are our future, so somebody has to start caring more about our environment! We are NOT PALMING around!”