Conservation Drones and Chimpanzee Conservation in Tanzania

Conservation Drones took the the skies over regions of western Tanzania this past summer in collaboration with the Ugalla Primate Project and the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania.  Over the course of dozens of missions flown with quad-copters and fixed-wing mapping units, the team explored chimpanzee nest census techniques, multi-spectral land cover mapping, and community forest reserve monitoring near important chimpanzee distribution corridors.  The Conservation Drones field team consisted of co-founder Serge Wich, technical director Jeff Kerby, and Sander van Andel (Netherlands IUCN), who has previously worked with drones and nest censuses in Gabon.

Here is a brief video showing some scenes from the field:

Below are a few photos from the trip.  Give us a follow @ConservationDrones on Instagram to see more photos and aerial imagery from this trip and others.