Forest monitoring in Suriname with Conservation International

Conservation Drones recently continued its work with Conservation International in Suriname as part of a broader forest monitoring program.  The video below highlights Conservation International Suriname’s ongoing efforts to work alongside local teams to protect pristine ecosystems in this small South American country (several aerial videos shot with our 3DR Solo).

As Conservation Drones become more mainstream tools for conservation practitioners, they are being applied in a much more structured fashion.  It takes time to develop the skills required to deploy units and subsequently utilize the imaging products they produce, but ultimately this investment of time and expertise can pay off in ways that traditional environmental monitoring cannot.  It is, however, important to remember that Conservation Drones remain only one tool in the broader kit that is required to address complex conservation issues that lie at the interface of ecology, social change, and long-term economic planning.

Below are several photos from the recent expedition to the Central Suriname Nature Reserve to test rainforest mapping and update park ranger training.