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With the increase in the use of drones for conservation and environmental research we thought it would be useful to share our list of papers on these topics. Therefore we just added a… Continue reading

Using conservationdrone images to automatically count oil-palm trees using the spatial modeller in ERDAS IMAGINE 2015

by provided images to Sterling Geo to develop an automated method for counting palm trees from UAV imagery using ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 Spatial Modeller. For further information visit The Sterling Geo team… Continue reading

UAV and Environmental Research Conference at LJMU in Liverpool


From 7-8 July the 2nd UAV and Environmental Research Conference will be held at in Liverpool. The conference is co-organized by Serge Wich from and LJMU. More information is available here. Places are… Continue reading

View from Above – Using Drones to Help Support The Jane Goodall Institute’s Conservation Efforts in Congo


In collaboration with Ready-to-Drone, Conservation Drones (Technical Director, Jeff Kerby) recently traveled to Congo to train staff from the Jane Goodall Institute on how to fly their new mapping and surveying drone. Here… Continue reading

New exciting collaboration between Conservation International, RTD, and Conservationdrones


To assist in protecting the Central Suriname Nature Reserve we are collaborating with Conservation International Suriname and Ready-to-Drone. Conservation International prepared this video about the project.  

‘Data Mule’ Drone is the national champion in Dubai’s Drones for Good competition


Those of you who have watched our TED talk in 2013 would remember our wish for a drone that can remotely download images from camera traps in a forest – a ‘data mule’ drone. Fast forward… Continue reading

FLIR + ThermalCapture setup


Just received the FLIR Tau 2 640 (9mm, f/1.4, 9 Hz) + ThermalCapture unit from TeAx Technology ( This is a short video showing how I am setting it up to be carried… Continue reading

Identifying illegal logging in drone imagery using Google Earth Engine


A quick demonstration of on-the-fly land-cover classification of drone-derived orthomosaics using Google Earth Engine for the purpose of delineating illegally logged areas.

ConservationDrones teaming up with Dutch UAS


  Dutch UAS and ConservationDrones are combining expertise to develop a fixed-wing drone with a user-interface that automatically detects people and rhinos. The aim is to provide a ranger with a tool that will… Continue reading

How to find a downed drone in a rainforest?


For Graham Usher of the SOCP, he flew another drone to locate it! (See if you find it in this image!)

Al Jazeera – Conservation Drones


Conservation Drones Recycling Bin

by has benefited tremendously from the generous support of many groups. We are launching a new initiative to pay this forward. If you have ‘preloved’ drone equipment in working order that are just… Continue reading

ConservationDrones Joining Forces with Google Earth Outreach


We are partnering with the fantastic folks at Google Maps Engine and Google Earth Engine to host and process data from our drone missions. This will make it easier for researchers and conservation… Continue reading

Testing the ThermalCapture – A Backpack Digital Recorder for FLIR Tau 2 Cores


(Right-click here to download the first RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) (Right-click here to download the second RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) ConservationDrones tested a backpack for… Continue reading

Evidence of illegal logging activity detected by conservation drones in Gunung Leuser National Park


The ConservationDrones Asia Team and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) flew two separate missions over a part of the Gunung Leuser National Park (Indonesia) between two time periods barely a few months… Continue reading

Scotland revisited


The conservationdrones team (Brenden Duffy and Serge Wich) returned to Scotland more than a year after the first trip. The aim of this trip was to train Dr. Larry Griffin of the Wildfowl… Continue reading

Raven Thermal Imaging camera test


We often get asked whether thermal imaging cameras can be used on drones. A while ago we tested a FLIR camera. Now we tested a Raven 640 from Xenics ( The camera worked… Continue reading

ConservationDrones Flight School


The ConservationDrones team is planning to run occasional, centralized training workshops on the use of conservation drones — our very own flight school! Visit this page for more information, and to register your interest.

Mapping with a GoPro underneath the Iris


  We were curious whether GoPro images could be used for a photomosaic using the Iris quadcopter and Pix4Dmaper. So we put it to the tests and you can see the results in… Continue reading

Conservation Drones featured in Conservation Biology Textbook


The latest edition of Primack’s Essentials of Conservation Biology is out. And it contains a feature on Conservation Drones! We are a step closer to our vision of making conservation drones a part… Continue reading

Latest conservation drone model achieves 100-km flight distance!


We are excited to announce that Keeyen Pang, ConservationDrones’ Director for Asia Operations, has just achieved a 100-km long and almost 2-hr endurance autonomous flight in a single mission.  What this means is that conservation drones are now… Continue reading

Conservation drones for seabird monitoring


A research team led by Jarrod Hodgson and Rohan Clarke from Monash University is partnering with ConservationDrones to use UAVs for seabird monitoring. Jarrod and Rohan have just returned from a successful trip to… Continue reading

Raptor Reborn!


People often ask us about the lifespan of our drones. It really depends on many factors: the material and build of the drones, the terrain, how frequent it is used and so on.… Continue reading

PhD position for UAV research available at Liverpool John Moores University


A PhD position is available for UAV research at Liverpool John Moores University. This PhD will be co-supervised by Serge Wich from ConservationDrones and be closely linked to work the ConservaitonDrones team is doing.… Continue reading

FFI Conservation Drone in ULU MASEN

by is proud to help kick-start Fauna and Flora International‘s conservation drone program in Aceh.

6th Graders collaborate with


This is somewhat of an unusual post for us. Maintaining is a very time-consuming and exhausting task for the four of us who are taking time off our ‘real’ day jobs to… Continue reading

Behind-the-scenes look at a three-day drone building party


The four directors of physically met for the first time the weekend before Christmas 2013 to build 10 conservation drones ‘Caipy’ for WWF. We spent two days to complete the builds and… Continue reading

ConservationDrones Test-Flies 3DRobotics’ Y6 Multicopter


In our most recent drone trip, the ConservationDrones team brought along with us a Y6 Multicopter to SE Asia ( And it was a good thing we did because we were having some… Continue reading

That time National Geographic followed ConservationDrones to the field


(Click here for the National Geographic article accompanying the video clip)

A drone’s-eye view of conservation

by is among 100 of the world’s most inspiring social tech ventures


ConservationDrones is proud to be among the Nominet Trust 100 of the world’s most inspiring social innovations using digital technology, together with other social ventures such as BitTorrent, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Github, Ushahidi, Kickstarter,… Continue reading

Second anti-poaching video drone for Nepal

by‘s latest UAVs were recently deployed in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. We featured one of them, the Caipy video drone, in our last post (850 mm wingspan). Here is its big brother,… Continue reading

New Anti-Poaching Video Surveillance Drones for Nepal

by has been working closely with WWF Nepal for the past year or so, supported by the WWF AREAS Programme. One of our long-term goals is to reduce training time for new drone… Continue reading

Conservation Drones over Barro Colorado Island, Panama


Lian Pin Koh ( and Brenden Duffy ( went on a trip to Barro Colorado Island, Panama, upon the invitation of Dr. Helene Muller-Landau from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. We brought two units of… Continue reading

Girls, boys and their toys!


Simon Wunderlin, the Technical Director of, has been testing several new airframes for the next generation of our drones. This work is funded by WWF Netherlands/International. We are developing this new system… Continue reading

Tropical Montane Forests



by recently received a small grant from WWF to develop a rugged drone for use in difficult terrain and landing conditions. This is just a teaser of one of the airframes in testing… Continue reading

Conservation Drones used in fight against destruction of elephant habitats in Sumatra


Fast forward to 5:50 for part on drone use.

Vegetation Monitoring UAV – Greenland


Vegetation Monitoring UAV – Greenland from jtk on Vimeo. (Re-post from Jeff Kerby @ To better understand arctic herbivore foraging ecology, we need information about the timing of plant growth (i.e. plant phenology)… Continue reading

High Altitude Flight Test

by tested the vertical limit of the Techpod in open ocean and 30-40 km per hour wind conditions. We were aiming to reach 1 km above sea level. But the motor gave up… Continue reading

Marine Conservation Drones

by went to Glover’s Reef in Belize upon the invitation of the Belize Fisheries Department and Wildlife Conservation Society. We explored the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for supporting enforcement of marine conservation… Continue reading

Conservation Drones in US Fish & Wildlife Service Webinar Series


Click here to go to the Conservation Science Webinar Series Archive.

Techpod Drone ready-to-fly to Belize!


Earlier this year, Wayne Garris from the Kickstarter project,, donated two Techpods to I finally just had the time to build one up, equipped with an APM 2.5+ autopilot system. This… Continue reading

Eye in the sky quadcopter drone in Aras Napal, Sumatra, Indonesia


*Unedited raw video footage See:

Drone footage of fire aftermath in peatlands of Tripa, Sumatra, Indonesia


*Unedited raw video footage This video was from a short drone flight last year (2012) in the peatlands of Tripa. It shows burnt areas cleared for new oil palm plantations. This drone mission… Continue reading

Drone flight over orangutan re-introduction site in Jantho, Aceh


*Unedited raw video footage Drone operator: Graham Usher from Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme Drone: Raptor with APM Read about the efforts of the SOCP at re-introducing orangutans:

Conservation Drones in Scotland


ResearchDrones and ConservationDrones recently went to the amazingly beautiful Caerlaverock wetland area in Scotland. We were helping the Scottish Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust explore the potential of conservation drones for their conservation work.… Continue reading

Droning in Cambodia: Training Birdlife, ELIE, CI & WCS


Simon Wunderli from ResearchDrones and Serge Wich from ConservationDrones were in Cambodia in April 2013 for BirdLife, Elephants Livelihood Environment Initiative (ELIE), Conservation International (CI) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Featuring the ResearchDrones… Continue reading

3D Model of Oil Palm Landscape created with Drone Imagery


3D model and fly-through created by Serge Wich using PIX4D and ESRI 3D ArcScene. Drone Imagery from Keeyen Pang. This is a 3D model animation of an oil palm mosaic in Sabah. A… Continue reading

Tiger Drone Test Flight Video


Airframe: Finwing Universeye Penguin Autopilot: APM 2.5+ with Power module GPS: 3DR LEA 6 Telemetry: 3DR 915 Mhz Motor: Finwing stock M2220 1350kv Propeller: Master Airscrew 3-bladed 9 x 7 Pusher ESC: Finwing… Continue reading